Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yikes, it has been a busy month!! Sorry for the lack of posting!
We have been busy with visitors this month, and with teaching Benjamin how to walk and dealing with him getting two molars...ouch. He hasn't even gotten all the little front teeth yet and those big guys are coming in 2 at a time in the back...poor guy. He is learning to walk, but still won't really do it. Last week for about 2 days he would get going if he had his boots on. Now, he is perfectly ready and capable, he just won't do it! Little booger :) Nah, it's his own time. He's going to visit his 2-and-1/2-year old cousin Morgan in a couple weeks, so he better figure it out soon if he wants to keep up with her!!

Alright, on to the pictures. We went to this fun place last Sunday called Miller Farm. There are lots of activities to do at the main area (petting zoo, helium balloon jumping castle thing, train rides, corn maze, etc), but the really fun part is going in a hayride around this humungous farm and collecting your own vegetables. We picked potatoes and carrots out of the ground and gathered tomatoes (yum, yum), gourds, peppers, beets, corn, cabbage, and okra. Also, I picked gladiolis (sp?), so I have fresh flowers and I cut off the bulbs so I can plant them next year. It was a fantastic time and we came home with so much food we could have single handedly fed Somalia. :) All for $7. Pretty ridiculous.

AJ's 27th birthday is this Sunday. We are going to head up to the mountains with our friends Jamie and Doug for a parents day out...scoping out the changing aspen leaves and closing up their cabin for the winter. It oughta be a nice day to recharge our batteries.

I have just started my new part time job. I know, you are wondering, when does that crazy woman have time to have a job? I wonder the same thing! Seriously, though, it'll help bring in a little extra dough and it gets me a few hours out of this house. I started Monday and will be working either 5-10pm or 4:30-8:30am 4-5 days a week. Oh, by the way, it's a Starbucks, so the free caffienated drinks I get help me get through those hours. :) It's actually a great schedule because between AJ's schedule and mine we never have to get a sitter or daycare and I can still do StrollerFit during the day. And it's only about 2 miles from my house. Can't beat that!

I hope you are all well. For those of you that we'll be seeing soon, can't wait!!