Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thug baby

These pictures cracked me up when I saw them...I had to post pics of my little gangster.  
Are the gestures below some sort of gang sign or is he just getting ready to bust a rhyme? 

Seriously, though, with the exception of his colicky moments, he's an absolute angel.  Can you see the halo?

Displaying his male-pattern baldness hairline (thanks to all branches of family), he's getting so big.  I hope he'll fit into all the hand-me-downs!!

Chillin' with Daddy.  Mommy's bed is becoming Evan's favorite place to sleep...uh-oh.  :)

Living in a house full of boys is crazy.  Especially with a nutso almost-3-year-old!  Benjamin is just as busy as ever and I am happy summer is here so we can take daily walks in the woods.  He LOVES "hiking," although we made the mistake of letting him play in a puddle about a week ago and now he goes SWIMMING in nearly waist-deep muck every time we go out.   N
eedless to say, he either rides in his empty wagon home or gets stripped down for the carseat and gets an immediate shower.  It is certainly a lengthy process, I just keep reminding myself how much fun he has--although, I sure wish it would result in a nap or something.

My little train builder.  He independently builds some really intricate train tracks (not pictured here)....I wonder what he'll be when he grows up.  He's got some wonderful talents, skills, and interests.  He's gonna make it big someday, I just know it.

Just living the dream here in Colorado.  Trying to remember that these are the best days of my life!!  (do I sound a little sleep deprived?)