Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a travel-filled summer!

Alas, we are home for good for the rest of the year (or as far as we know!!). It has been such a jam-packed summer and it's nice to be home and get officially back into the groove of being home! We've spent all weekend working on our house--hanging curtains, a little painting, finishing the fireplace, etc. It's a lot of tedious work that we have let go by the wayside since our busy summer started 4 months ago!! Enjoy some pictures from our final trip which was to Massachusetts (Boston/Cape Cod). We had a great time and hope to go back someday! Above is a pic of Andrew and Ben on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. We had BEAUTIFUL weather on our trip---yeah!

Here we are on the USS Constitution. It was full of interesting history, but not necessarily a great place for a 2-year old. We walked a good portion of the Freedom Trail in our short 1/2 day in Boston, and spent a lot of time near Faneuil Hall.
Benjamin Harvey, meet Benjamin Franklin. (Ben had this intense underbite thing going on during our trip. Not sure why, but I'm glad the phase is already over!)
We got to spend the night in Boston with our good friends Cassie & Brian and Megan & Pat. Tina was also able to spend a good portion of the day with us. Benjamin had fun with all the attention he got from everyone, and his good behavior all day earned him a toy for dinner time (aptly named "Lobbie"). We enjoyed a great lobster & oyster & mussel dinner and went to Mike's Pastries for dessert. We couldn't believe it, but at 10:30 PM on a Sunday night this place was PACKED--wall to wall. Obviously it was a hit and I highly recommend going there if you're ever in Boston.
Ben sleeping with mom and dad in the tent at our first Cape Cod campsite in Nickerson State Park in Brewster. It was the only time during our entire visit that it rained, which was lucky for us!
Ahhh, he's crazy!!
Mommy loves lighthouses! Surprisingly, this was the only working light house we saw the entire trip. :(

Ben's first time to the ocean!! Too bad it was windy and cold, but he sure enjoyed the water rushing up to his knees. We're at the southern most tip of the Cape Cod National SeaShore in Eastham. Our second night (of 3--no pictures from our last night, which we stayed in our tent in Shawmee-Crowell State Park in Sandwich). We stayed at Sippiwissett campgrounds in a tipi. Glad we did it, but won't due it again. :)Bike riding on Martha's Vineyard. We had gorgeous weathe and biked the whole time we were least 15 miles. What a beautiful place.

The coolest kid in the world. He was so great on our trip, and did a great job in his car seat on the plane.....thank goodness for child restraints!!! :) For those of you with lap children, let me just say, the extra seat you pay for for the child to have their own seat and carseat---PRICELESS!!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. More to follow soon :)