Tuesday, February 3, 2009

  Above is my first pregnancy photo to post....I'm 25 weeks along.  That means that next week I will start my 3rd trimester!!  I can't believe it---it is going by so quickly!  It's crazy how time flies when you have a toddler, 2 jobs, a husband, a dog, and you're pregnant.  Thank god I'm not having octuplets  :)  The baby is doing great and is VERY active...I'm afraid he might be more active than Benjamin---yikes!!  I think we've decided on a name for him, but we're going to keep it to ourselves for now because we haven't 100% agreed.  
By the way, aside from the fact that I look terrible in this picture (thank you Great Clips for this wonderful haircut), I think in person my belly looks much rounder than this pictures leads on.  It sure feels rounder  :)  I also thought I'd share that while I'm writing this I am learning that Orville Redenbacher's Natural "Tender White" popcorn is very tasty.
Thanks to all of his grandparents, Benjamin got a swingset "playground" for Christmas.  This gift was my idea after I found my 26 month old son in our neighbor's yard (over the 4.5' fence) playing on their "playground."  He could've broken his neck climbing that fence, and to this day I have no idea how he got over unscathed.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic to have a playground on our side of the fence now.  
The swingset went up a couple weeks ago because we've been having pretty nice weather lately.  Benjamin loves playing on it and going down the slide, and Andrew and I love how it wears him out :)

My baby boy has gotten his curly locks cut off...by Daddy.  It was a little traumatic for me (yes me, not Ben) at first, and the next day, but now I think it's growing on me.  He now looks like the little boy that he is.  He did a great job and sat still the whole time.  He is too precious.  He is actually a slight-bit unrecognizable when you first see him with his short do'. 


We finally sold my old car, which is a great weight off my shoulders.  We've both been working a lot trying to get ready for jr's arrival. I also just signed another 2-year contract for StrollerFit. It is now officially the longest job I've ever had...and it's my own business.  Go figure.   Hopefully things will settle down a bit after this month and then we can take a little breather before all chaos takes over in May!  
Here is what I have learned about blogging...posting pictures is a major pain in the butt.  Those of you who post regularly to your blogs...you must know something I don't.  
I just reread this blog and it's quite scatter-brained.  Now you know what it's like for my husband to have a conversation with me--except I at least finished my thoughts on here before starting a new one.  Hope everyone is well, has power, and is staying warm!