Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oops, fell off the blogging bandwagon.....

With 2 kids, tax season, out-of-town visitors, and life in general, blogging seems to me a lot like exercise (unfortunately). It is fun and exhilerating when you are in a routine, but as soon as you miss a session, all bets are off in the consistency department and it gets easier to put it off than to just do it and get back in the routine!! Oh well......
As I mentioned, we have been pretty busy around here, as usual. Our flip-house is still for sale, which has been frustrating and emotionally draining, but hopefully we'll find the perfect buyer soon! I did our 2009 taxes in record time this year and we are getting a nice chunk back, which helps the cause a little bit.
The Harvey grandparents came out a couple weekends ago and we had a wonderful visit. Went to the Train Museum in Golden, CO which was pretty cool and Ben LOVED. Both boys (and us!!) really enjoyed spending time with the g'rents.
I am still studying for my Personal Trainer certification exam which I will take next month. My StrollerFit business has been doing pretty well, I am happy to say, and I am in the decision-making process of possibly picking up a second territory. We'll see....
The weather has been chilly lately, but finally sunny, so we have been able to take our daily short hikes that we love. As usual, we pick the cloudiest, windiest, and most precipitous time of the day, but at least we are getting back outdoors!
Alright, now on to the boys.....
It has come to my attention that my oldest son has quite the imagination. In fact, it's a bit of a challenge just to keep up with him. One day he's Percy (from Thomas and Friends), the next day he's Lightning (from Cars), the next day he is still Lightning but "pretending" to be a train (how funny is that!), and most recently he is Bolt. "Bolt the doggy boy" to be exact. Some might think based on all these characters that he watches too much TV. While he does watch his fair share (he gets his undivided tv attention span from me--he comes by it honestly), he sure seems to learn a lot and is truly a sponge to all of it.
Evan is still not walking, but has genuinely started to rapidly cruise around, so it's a matter of days until he's toddling around. He has 4 teeth now, but only 3 are present to the naked eye. Well, you can see the 4th pretty easy if you have him tipped upside down and are tickling him mercilessly. :)
I just started weaning him this week. It's been going pretty well. Mostly I am doing it because recently has become quite painful for me to nurse him....not sure why. Additionally, I'm not convinced I'm producing enough for him. In the end, hopefully he'll be getting a fuller belly and maybe start sleeping through the night!! Cow's milk in less than two months!
I can't believe he turns 1 soon. But, as I've always said, I can't believe he's not way older than that. It just feels like he's always been here.
The boys are the best of buds. Ben is still a little on the rough side, but seeing that Evan usually laughs, it's hard to regulate. Pretty soon Evan will be able to hold his own and Ben is going to need to watch out! They do get along so well and truly love each other. I'm so excited to see how their relationship blossoms over the years. We're so blessed with healthy, happy, adorable little boys.
Can't think of any more updates right brain is fried! Hope you enjoy the pics :)