Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well, our big boy has started school.....preschool, that is. He was SOOOOOO excited on his first day. Didn't even notice when Andrew and I left. He's so independent! :) When we picked him up he was still so excited from the time at school, and cried/whined when we put him in the car to go home.
He went for his second day this morning.....loved it. His teacher says he is doing great. We're so happy for him that he loves it so much and that he is getting this opportunity. He doesn't share much about what he did in class (typical kid, right?), but today when I asked him what he did in school, he said "I learned." That about covers it, I guess.

On a separate note, here's a little video of our guys. They are so cute...we just love them!