Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The end is near.....

35 weeks down (almost 36), how many to go?  Sorry there haven't been more pictures along the way.  If you may recall from my pregnancy with Benjamin, I'm not too pregnant-looking until the end--yeah--but it makes for uneventful pictures.  That, and until the end, I just feel ugly and don't want my picture taken  :)

It was a cold and snowy day here in Colorado on Easter.  We made a nice fire, had some hot cocoa, and had the fam over for breakfast and an indoor, Benjamin-only Easter egg hunt.  He had tons of fun, but wasn't too interested in finding the eggs once he learned that there were treats inside the eggs.  It slowed the process down quite a bit.  Kids....they are crazy!

Having fun with Daddy.  I am looking at these pictures laughing because since Easter, which was only a short 3 days ago, Ben has gotten another haircut....this one resulting in much more of a buzz cut.  As his mother, I don't like it.  Hair grows back, right?  :)  Once the baby comes I will appreciate the lack of hairbrushing that needs to take place post-shower and the insane bed head in the morning.  But for now, I just don't like it.