Thursday, June 19, 2008

Woa, it's been a while!

At the zoo with Daddy....

Blogging is really easy, and I don't know why I can't find the time to do it, but it just doesn't get done enough---I know!!!!

Life has been wild around the Harvey house. We have nearly completed the renovation on the upstairs (main) living area of our home, which has been very time-consuming, expensive, and exhausting. But so worth it. Here's a pic of our big helper--

We love the house so much we've decided to stay indefinitely, and as we've learned about the neighborhood we've discovered some fun 4-wheeling/hiking trails and a lake! Ok, more like a really big pond, but you can fish on it so last week we purchased a canoe!! We've had a lot of fun, Ben and Stella included, and feel so cool driving around with a big red canoe strapped to the top of our Jeep :)

Some pics of our summer recreation so far: (canoeing pictures are from a camping trip last weekend...this is NOT the "pond" near our house!)

Some more big news....we've decided to purchase a second home that will serve as our first, true fix-n-flip investment. We've hit some glitches so far with the whole purchasing aspect, but hope to close on the property any day now. Keep your fingers crossed! It is a big and scary undertaking, but we are SOOOO excited to take on the challenge....and who knows, maybe become professional house-flippers! :)

Alright, alright, I know you just want to hear about Benjamin. He is so awesome, amazing, fun, smart, funny, cute, talkative (wonder where he gets that from?), handsome, flirty, energetic, loving, giggly, kissable.....put simply, we just love him and can't get enough of him! He talks all the time and has quite an extensive vocabulary. By far, however, his favorite word (and thing) is "car". He points out cars all the time when we are driving, he stands at the window at the front of the house pointing out mommy and daddy's cars-as well as the cars passing by. Recently, we have introduced him to the movie Cars, which we now watch no less than 3 times per day. He most enjoys wearing his Car jammies to bed and brushing his teeth using his Cars toothpaste while standing on his Lighting McQueen step stool. Could be worse, he could like Thomas the Train. :)

Its really fun watching him grow and learn. He says or repeats new words everyday and has really starting counting a lot. His favorite number to say is nine, but he also likes to pick things up (one in each hand) and say "two (blank)".....such as "two cars," two boots (books)," "two doddy (monkey)". He used to say donkey for monkey, but now he's reverted more to "doddy"....which is closer to doggie, so maybe he's just confused about what monkeys are.

Some pics of Ben walking the dog and being silly!

Ben loves to kiss and has really learned that kissing makes boo-boos feel better. He says "hurt," gets a kiss, and say "bayer" (better). Of course recently he's been hurting mommy so that he can kiss it and make it feel "bayer." Hopefully that phase ends soon!

He's very polite and says "pease" (please) and "ankoo" (thank you) with a big grateful smile on his face.

Well, I hope I updated you all well enough for now. To be honest, it's been a connectivity issue between my camera and computer that has kept me from posting, but now I have that figured out so hopefully I'll be better in the future. Thank you all for your love for and interest in our little angel.