Friday, February 5, 2010

This week it's Lighting BeQueen

I guess that's childhood for you. One week he only responds to "Percy" and the next he's 110% into Cars.....Lighting "Be"Queen, more specifically. Actually, it's really interesting to see how Ben has changed over the past year (or year and a half), using the movie Cars as our baseline. When he first was obsessed with Cars, he could talk, but I'm not sure he understood any concepts of the movie. He also called him "Ningning" which was so endearing. Nowadays, Ben speaks clear as day and as far as I can tell he gets a lot of what's going in the movie. It is fun to hear him watching---"go me, go me!" and "why did my tire blow?" Too cute.

Ben is, and always has been, really into snacks. At one point, not too long ago, we had to call lunch and dinner "snacks" so that he would eat. Glad those days are over. Every time he falls or hurts himself it seems that "snaaaacckkkk" is the first thing out of his mouth.
His teacher said this week that they were working on sounds and she held up a picture of a pig and another of a piece of pizza. When asked what sound each of the words started with, Ben's answer was "Mmm, pizza is an excellent snack." I can't believe he's a beanpole with how much he eats and thinks about eating!

Evan had his 9-month checkup today. The doctor was surprised that he is crawling at all, much less that he is crawling nonstop! She thought he seemed very ahead of the curve physically. He has been crawling for at least 2 months.
He weighed in at only 15 lbs. He doesn't seem so small, but he is still sitting at the bottom 3% of the spectrum....exactly how his brother was. How is it that my boys are such little squirts? (Thank goodness for that in the delivery room!)
Evan's got two bottom teeth that he has really started showing off. His gums up top are starting to get pretty puffy and the doc said his top right tooth will pop through any day.
He has started to talk a little bit, but it's mostly in the morning. He does a deep, devilish, manly grunt that Andrew insists is a "da da". Regardless of what he's saying, it's funny to hear!

I can't believe how quickly they grow up and I am so grateful to have 2 healthy, beautiful, active, talkative, smart little boys. These truly are the best days of my life!


Maggie said...

Love the updates!!!! How is Ben so grown up? I find it so unbelievable that you are a mother of 2 with such a big boy! He looks like a nice big brother playing with Evan.


Maggie said...

hey one more thing - will you add the link to your other blog to this one?I don't hae it bookmarked :)

love ya!