Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

I'm never a good one at keeping my resolutions, and therefore don't really ever come up with many. I feel, however, optimistic this year that my resolutions are worthy of a earnest attempt......and here is but one of them. To blog more about my sons. :)

I was surprised to see that the last post I did was Oct. 1. You may not believe me, but I do THINK about blogging here a lot...I just don't DO it apparently. I thought I had posted at least 3 times since Ben started preschool! Oh well.......

As I am a very busy woman, I have given myself a time limit for my posting. Maybe that will give me the extra push I need to be sure it gets done on a more regular basis.

First we had Halloween. Benjamin outgrew the dralligator (a green dragon/alligator thing)costume my mom got him, but no one realized until the week of Halloween when went to a party and it looked like Benjamin was waiting for a major flood to sweep our generally drought-stricken State of Colorado. Good news was he fit into last year's costume, pretty much. He was again a monkey. This picture is of them in their matching jammies. Aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen???

Next was Thanksgiving. I ran a 5K in a Turkey Trot in the morning and we followed up the day with a lovely meal at my in-laws. It was beautiful weather and wonderful food and company.
Next came Christmas. I will have to post pictures of Christmas at a later time as I did not have my camera--so I will need pics from Gramma & Papa's camera and Mimi's. (hint, hint :) Boy, did Benjamin get into Christmas this year. He has really grasped the idea of Santa Claus and was so excited when he got to meet him this year. He and I made cookies for Santa, which we left out with a cup of milk before we watched The Polar Express on Christmas eve. It is so fun to see how wonderful Christmas is for children. I still love it too. Hands down, my favorite holiday.
Surprisingly, Evan was really into Christmas too. I was going to just wrap a box up for him so he would have a ball with the paper and box. Good thing I didn't----he loved all the toys INSIDE the wrapping. I've never seen anything like it.
Speaking of Evan, he is now 8 months old, has 2 teeth, and LOVES to move. He is incredibly mobile and will probably be walking in the next month or two. It's ridiculous how strong he is. He adores Ben and Ben adores him. Soon they will be plotting and planning and driving me crazy...on purpose. I love them. They are the sweetest boys.
We had some visitors at Christmas. First were Emmy and Uncle Tom, who came out for a few days right after Christmas. We went skiing, gambling, ice skating. It was a great time. Ben just loves his Uncle Tom and Emmy, and Evan did too!
Next came Uncle Nard, Gina, Morgan, and Lily. It was great to meet Lily (born 3 days after Evan) and Ben and Morgan had a blast. On the last night of their visit we went to a Brazilian steakhouse.....WITHOUT CHILDREN. I highly recommend on both accounts.

As for me and Andrew: we are both busy working our tails off. I work at Starbucks 3 days a week, teach on average 5-6 classes per week (strollerfit, restore the core, sculpt), and play mommy to two precious boys. I am also hard at work to post daily on my Saving for the Boys "deals" website, which I hope you have all visited. When I'm not working, Andrew is up working on our current flip project in Denver. It is going well and we hope to have the house on the market in a couple weeks. In his spare time he works on the newest member of our family..."the Wag"oneer. (see below)

I guess that is it. Running out of time--better go!

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Ermasmit said...

Oh no! A Wagoneer!? I had a white woody during high school. What a trip, I am pretty sure ours was cursed, hope you have better luck.

The boys are so adorable, love them. Glad to hear all seems to be going well, and busy, busy is good.