Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 2....I'm on a roll!

What's new with the Harveys this week......
It seems we are almost done with our second fix&flip property. Andrew has done a phenominal job, as always, and the house looks wonderful. I'm so lucky to have such a handy guy around! He says once this house is done we will start to work on getting our own house in better shape....we'll see, fingers crossed!

Benjamin is back in preschool and having a great time. Apparently everyone at the school just loves him and wishes he came 4 days a week instead of 2, but it just isn't logistically feasible, so he's going to stick with 2 days for now. He brings home crafts every once in a while, but I think during open time he chooses to play rather than craft. He LOVES storytime and, as I hear it, talks constantly through the stories. He just loves to point out everything on the pages and adds tidbits he thinks should have been included in the book. He's a cutie.

One cute story about Ben. He loves to grocery shop with me, as I do with him, and this past trip was a long one, so I promised him a treat at the end (a ride on the $.01 horse at the exit). Low and behold, the horse was gone!!! I was devastated, as I had brought along 3 pennies and was excited to reward him for being so good. In the place of the horse were those lousy $.25/$.50/$1.00 machines filled with candy and other useless junk. I forked out the quarter and he chose to get the little fish and bones---like Sprees. He got about 12 pieces and played with them all day. As soon as we got home we put them on a Spiderman plate and he carried them around with him wherever he was playing. About 6 hours later, close to bedtime, I said "aren't you going to eat them" and he looked at me in disbelief. "They are candy????" he asked, and when I said yes, he gobbled them down in about 30 seconds. I had no idea he didn't know they were edible! Too funny.

Evan is standing all the time. He's either crawling or standing. He doesn't sit, really, although he physically can, and he can't cruise yet. He just stands and hangs on to whatever he's got and plays. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I think he is actually more active than Ben ever was. AAHHHHH!!!! He seems to have great control, though, and I can't wait to see how his skills blossom. I will be excited if & when this dreadful diaper changing roll-over passes...he can't stand to be on his back for more than 1 second!

I am fully back in the swing of things working bunches at Starbucks and teaching classes. I have my next race this weekend. It is a 5-mile and should be pretty fun. Hopefully the weather will hold out. Andrew got me a GPS watch for Christmas which is AWESOME, so I can't wait to use it in the race. Wish me luck! Next month I have a 10-mile run, no races set in stone yet for Feb/Mar/Apr, and then I am doing my first half marathon on Mothers Day. Should be a good time :)

All in all, we're doing well and hope you are too. Don't forget to visit my savings blog HERE.

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